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Welcome to Best House Turkey, your trusted partner in finding the perfect property in the beautiful country of Turkey. We understand that buying a home is a significant decision, and we are committed to providing you with a seamless and enjoyable experience. Whether you are looking for a charming coastal villa, a modern city apartment, or a spacious countryside retreat, our team of dedicated professionals is here to guide you every step of the way.

With a deep understanding of the Turkish real estate market and a wide network of contacts, we have access to a vast inventory of properties. From luxurious beachfront mansions to cozy traditional houses, we offer a diverse selection to meet your unique requirements and preferences. We are committed to finding the perfect property that meets your needs and budget.

About Best House Turkey

Best House Turkey is a leading real estate agency specializing in helping clients buy, sell, and invest in Turkish properties. Our team of experienced and dedicated professionals is committed to providing exceptional service and guidance throughout the entire real estate process. We understand that buying or selling a property can be a complex and challenging endeavor, and we strive to make it a smooth and enjoyable experience for our clients.

With a deep understanding of the Turkish real estate market, we offer a wide range of services tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients. Whether you are looking for a dream vacation home, a lucrative investment opportunity, or a place to settle down permanently, we have the expertise and resources to help you find the perfect property.

  • We offer a wide selection of properties for sale, including apartments, villas, land, and commercial spaces.
  • Our team speaks multiple languages, ensuring seamless communication and cultural understanding.
  • We provide comprehensive legal and financial advice to guide you through the entire transaction process.
  • We have a strong network of reputable developers and contractors, ensuring high-quality construction and reliable service.

Our Real Estate Services

At Best House Turkey, we offer a comprehensive range of real estate services designed to cater to your specific needs, whether you’re buying, selling, or investing in Turkish property.

Our team of experienced and multilingual agents are dedicated to providing you with personalized guidance and support throughout your real estate journey. We’re here to answer your questions, address your concerns, and ensure a smooth and successful transaction.

Our services include:

  • Property Search and Selection
  • Negotiation and Purchase/Sale Agreement
  • Legal and Documentation Assistance
  • Property Valuation and Appraisal
  • Property Management Services
  • Rental Management Services
  • After-Sales Support

We understand that buying or selling a property can be a complex process. That’s why we’re committed to providing you with the best possible support and guidance every step of the way.

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We’re also highly knowledgeable about the Turkish real estate market, and we can provide you with insights and advice to help you make informed decisions. Whether you’re looking for a luxurious villa, a cozy apartment, or a commercial property, we have the expertise and resources to help you find your perfect property in Turkey.

Featured Properties

Discover a curated selection of our most exceptional properties in Turkey. From luxurious villas overlooking turquoise waters to modern apartments in bustling city centers, we have something to suit every taste and budget. Our featured properties showcase the best of Turkish real estate, highlighting unique architectural styles, prime locations, and exceptional amenities.

Each property is meticulously presented with detailed descriptions, high-quality images, and virtual tours to provide you with a comprehensive understanding. Explore our featured listings and let us help you find your dream home in Turkey.

Explore Diverse Options

Our featured properties span a wide range of styles and locations across Turkey, offering a diverse selection to meet your specific preferences. Whether you desire a tranquil beachfront retreat, a vibrant city apartment, or a spacious family villa in the countryside, our listings provide an array of choices.

We understand the importance of finding the perfect property that aligns with your lifestyle and aspirations. Our dedicated team is committed to guiding you through the selection process, ensuring you discover a home that truly resonates with your vision.

Buying a Property in Turkey

Purchasing a property in Turkey can be a rewarding experience, offering stunning scenery, rich culture, and a welcoming atmosphere. The process itself involves several key steps, ensuring a smooth and successful transaction:

  • Research and Planning: Start by defining your needs and preferences. Consider your budget, desired location, property type, and lifestyle. Explore different regions, cities, and neighborhoods to find the perfect fit.
  • Finding a Real Estate Agent: Partnering with a reputable real estate agent is crucial for navigating the Turkish property market. They will provide expert guidance, assist with property searches, negotiate on your behalf, and guide you through legal procedures.
  • Property Viewing: Once you’ve identified potential properties, schedule viewings with your agent. This allows you to assess the condition, layout, and amenities firsthand.
  • Making an Offer: When you find a property that meets your criteria, make a formal offer through your agent. The offer will specify the purchase price, payment terms, and any conditions.
  • Legal Processes: After the offer is accepted, legal procedures begin, including property valuation, due diligence, and title transfer. Your agent and a lawyer will guide you through these steps, ensuring compliance with Turkish regulations.

Selling a Property in Turkey

Selling a property in Turkey can be a rewarding experience, but it’s essential to navigate the process with expertise and efficiency. Best House Turkey simplifies the process, offering comprehensive support throughout your journey. We understand the complexities of the Turkish real estate market and possess a deep understanding of local regulations and procedures.

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Our dedicated team of experienced real estate professionals will guide you every step of the way, from preparing your property for sale to connecting you with qualified buyers. We leverage our extensive network and marketing channels to maximize your property’s visibility and attract potential investors.

We handle all the necessary paperwork and legal aspects, ensuring a smooth and stress-free transaction. We negotiate effectively on your behalf, maximizing your return on investment. Our commitment to transparency and ethical practices guarantees a fair and transparent selling process.

Services for Sellers

Our services for sellers include:

  • Property Valuation and Market Analysis
  • Professional Property Photography and Virtual Tours
  • Strategic Marketing and Advertising
  • Buyer Screening and Negotiation
  • Legal and Documentation Assistance
  • Post-Sale Support and Aftercare

Whether you’re selling a luxury villa, a beachfront apartment, or a charming townhouse in Turkey, Best House Turkey is your trusted partner in achieving your real estate goals.

Investing in Turkish Real Estate

Turkey offers a compelling investment opportunity in real estate, attracting both domestic and international buyers. The country’s strategic location, vibrant economy, and government incentives make it an attractive destination for investors seeking diverse portfolio diversification.

Several factors contribute to the allure of Turkish real estate investment. The country enjoys a favorable geographical position bridging Europe and Asia, providing access to a vast market. Turkey’s thriving economy, fueled by its robust tourism sector, manufacturing, and energy industries, presents promising growth prospects. The government actively supports foreign investment, offering attractive citizenship programs and streamlined property acquisition processes.

  • The availability of affordable properties, particularly in coastal areas and major cities, makes Turkey an attractive option for both residential and commercial investments.
  • The Turkish Lira’s fluctuations can create opportunities for investors seeking favorable exchange rates. The government’s commitment to strengthening the Lira and economic stability adds further confidence to the investment climate.
  • The increasing demand for rental properties in popular tourist destinations like Antalya, Bodrum, and Istanbul provides investors with attractive rental income potential.
  • The Turkish government’s commitment to infrastructure development, including transportation networks and modern facilities, enhances the overall investment appeal of the country.

Relocation and Rental Services

At Best House Turkey, we understand that relocating to a new country can be a daunting task. We’re here to make your transition as smooth and stress-free as possible, offering comprehensive relocation and rental services tailored to your individual needs. Our team of experienced professionals will guide you through every step of the process, from finding the perfect property to settling into your new home.

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Whether you’re looking for a long-term rental, a short-term lease, or a property to buy, we have a wide selection of options to choose from. We also offer assistance with visa applications, utility connections, and other essential tasks, ensuring a seamless integration into your new environment. Our rental services include property management, tenant screening, and lease negotiation, ensuring a hassle-free experience for both landlords and tenants.

Our relocation services include:

  • Property search and selection
  • Visa application assistance
  • Utility connection support
  • Furniture sourcing and delivery
  • Cultural orientation and integration
  • Local community introductions
  • Language translation services

We are committed to providing exceptional customer service and building long-term relationships with our clients. Contact us today to discuss your relocation or rental needs and let us help you make your dream move a reality.

Client Testimonials

At Best House Turkey, we take pride in the satisfaction of our clients. We believe that their voices are the most powerful testament to the quality of our services. Here are some of our valued clients sharing their experiences with us:

  • “Working with Best House Turkey was a truly positive experience. Their team was professional, knowledgeable, and always went the extra mile to ensure I found the perfect property. I highly recommend their services to anyone looking to buy or sell real estate in Turkey.” – John Smith, satisfied client
  • “I was impressed with the comprehensive services provided by Best House Turkey. From finding the right property to handling all the paperwork and legal processes, they made the entire experience stress-free. Their commitment to customer satisfaction is evident in every interaction.” – Sarah Johnson, happy homeowner
  • “I was hesitant to invest in Turkish real estate, but Best House Turkey gave me the confidence and guidance I needed. They provided valuable insights into the market and helped me navigate the complexities of the process. I am now a proud owner of a beautiful property in Turkey thanks to their expertise.” – David Lee, satisfied investor


Contact Us

We are eager to assist you in finding your dream home in Turkey. Whether you’re looking to buy, sell, rent, or invest, our team of experienced real estate professionals is here to guide you every step of the way. To get in touch with us, you can use the following methods:

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Phone: +90 850 308 07 17

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You can also visit our office located in the heart of Istanbul, where our friendly staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have and discuss your real estate needs in more detail.